International Women's
Conference 2023

International Women Of Influence
Hofstra University, Hempstead NY 


Nevalliance started the International Women’s conference in 2017 to empower women. Women constitute more than 50 percent of the world’s population and have contributed substantially to socio-economic development. Unfortunately, their contribution largely remains unrecognized in parts of the world. Empowering women has become a critical element in the development of an economy. With women moving forward, the family, the village, and the nation move. Hence, improving the status of women by way of their economic empowerment is highly called for. Starting a business and bringing creativity to life with self-esteem and happiness are directly linked. Economic growth is highly vital for any country, which can substantiate by ensuring the participation of women. Being the focal point of economic development, entrepreneurship can play an instrumental role in building the world. Our International Women’s Conference is a celebration of the achievements of women. This annual conference aim is to inspire women while celebrating our social, economic, cultural, and political achievements.


The main objective of the International Women’s Conference is to ‘Enhance awareness and create a more informed understanding of the opportunities, issues, and approaches of Women Empowerment with resultant attention and resources directed towards supporting women.


The underlying objectives of this conference will be as follows:


  • Promote entrepreneurship among women.

  • Provide new opportunities to bridge the gaps and increase opportunities for linkages.

  • Bring awareness to culture and differences

  • Highlight leadership amongst women

  • Women 

  • Policy Makers

  • MSME promotional agencies/organizations, 

  • BDS (business development service) providers

  • Representatives from NGOs and trade & industry associations

  • UN agencies 

  • Multi-lateral and bi-lateral Organizations

  • Media persons

The Speakers

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Dr. Neva Alexander

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander is a professional speaker, advisor, trainer, and author. Dr.Neva is the CEO of Nevalliance, a training, and development company. She is also the founder of the National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA), a non-profit organization that provides college admissions counseling to high school students.

Dr. Neva Alexander, professionally known as just Dr. Neva, is an educator. Dr. Neva hosts different business series, including startup ideas, global Business, Women Empowerment, and Professional Skills Webinars. Also, she is a professional speaker, advisor, trainer, and author. In addition, Dr. Neva has conducted workshops and worldwide speaking engagements on leadership, entrepreneurship, and culture. Learn more

Dr. Karren Dunkley

The daughter of a clerical officer in the Post Office, Barbara Carmeta Bowen-Dunkley, and an insurance salesman, Melvyn Duncan Dunkley, Karren's story began in Ensom City, Spanish Town, Jamaica. Life was not easy for young Karren, a graduate of St. Catherine High School and Wolmers Girls (Sixth Form), but her fighting spirit enabled her to rise from the ashes. She hasn't looked back, except when she shares her story to inspire others.


Dr. Dunkley is a public intellectual, strategist, intercultural competency/leadership coach, and internationally recognized educator who has served in various high-level leadership positions in New York City and Philadelphia. Dr. Dunkley has enjoyed a life of service in education as an urban district deputy superintendent, principal, teacher, and coach.

Since January 2020, Dr. Dunkley has served as the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative for fourteen states in the Northeast United States. In this role, she has made enormous and measurable contributions to advancing Jamaica's national development and partnerships around the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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