About National Educational Venture Alliance

About NEVA

National Educational Venture Alliance

National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We offer the comprehensive capabilities and in-depth industry knowledge necessary to help with educational needs. Since opening our doors in 2013, we have continued to serve the educational sector in diverse capacities. 

Through the support of sponsors, government grants, and fundraising, we work with teenagers and young adults to navigate life and put them on a winning platform by providing coaching and training.

We work with hundreds of international students each year from developing countries. They have difficulties paying their tuition, books, meals, and accommodation. We would like you to donate to our scholarship fund. Our aim for 2021 is to award five outstanding students.  We appreciate each and every help. 

We also offer student recruitment for a few colleges under National Educational Venture Alliance. We work with aspiring students to get admissions into a few colleges in our network.

How it works:​

  1. You complete the Application.

  2. We then schedule a Whatsapp call with you to review your application.

  3. We will submit your application (You pay the college application fee)

  4. The colleges/universities that accept you will follow up with you.

  5. You accept the admission.

  6. We will be in touch throughout the admissions process.