3 Reasons Why You Should Be A Property and Casualty Insurance Agent in 2022.

Firstly, what does a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent do?

These insurance agents are responsible for selling different insurance products such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, health, commercial property, boat and much more. In order to become a P&C insurance agent you need to be certified in the state that you intend to sell insurance. You first need to be enrolled in an approved education provider in said state and after completing the course sit and pass the exam provided by the state authority.

But why would you want to take this career path? Well, lets look at some of the benefits of working as a P&C insurance agent.

1. Low barriers to entry.

Most people believe that without a college degree that is next to impossible to land a good career. But you could become a successful P&C insurance agent without one as the requirement is only a high school diploma. You could find yourself in a successful career straight out of high school with a large portfolio of clients and diverse services.

2. Uncapped earnings.

A P&C insurance agent has an unlimited earning potential just like any sales capacity. The more clients you're able to sell these services to and retain their business grows your earnings. Even more so should you have a good referral system in place to encourage your existing customers to help get you new ones. If you're operating as an independent agent your earnings are based solely on commissions, but if you're working with a company you may receive a base salary as well. The average earnings per year for a P&C insurance agent is $42,000, but remember, the sky is the limit.

3. Flexibility.

We all know how tedious and stressful a 9-5 can be, but as a P&C insurance agent, you don't have to worry about that. As an insurance sales agent you have the luxury of scheduling your daily work activities to the beat of your own drum. This allows you the freedom to ensure that your work life doesn't consume your personal one.

If you would like to become a licensed P&C insurance agent, contact Nevalliance today to enroll in our state approved programs. Check out our Careers Licensing Prep page here to see our upcoming P&C insurance courses.

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