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Employers are struggling to find workers post Covid lockdowns.

Thousands of people have found themselves unemployed as a result of COVID 19. Thankfully, vaccinations are now happening worldwide, and the economy is quickly reopening. But a new problem has arisen that has many business owners struggling, the need for employees. Now that lockdowns are being lifted and buyers are now able to stretch their legs and their wallets outside, business owners are faced with a tremendous influx of customers that they can't seem to handle.

You may be wondering, how is that a bad thing? Isn't that more money through the door? Well, it would be if businesses weren't struggling to keep up with the demand. Restaurants find themselves hardest hit by this new dilemma. Food and beverage orders stacked so high that servers, bartenders, and cooks find themselves drowning in work and the quality of the service crumbling under pressure. What would have been an average wait time of 15-20 minutes for burgers and fries has quickly turned into one, sometimes two hours, and with service like that, the Yelp reviews aren't pretty, and the Karens are furious.

What's even worse is that employers can't fill the demand for new employees because they don't want to work. After a year and change at home budgeting during the pandemic, many have found their unemployment check to be a better alternative of income at the moment as opposed to going back to work in the restaurants. With an average salary of $12 an hour and, in most cases, no benefits, former restaurant employees find it hard to be motivated to go back to work, but can you blame them?

With more restrictions being lifted as time passes, employers may have to look for alternative solutions to their issues, perhaps automation? Whatever they decide to do, they better do it fast because it's sure to get worse as vaccinations and reopenings speed up. If you're in need of a job, get that resume together and start filling out applications, now is the best time to go job hunting. And if you're an employer and could use some help, don't despair. You got this.

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