How one business owner makes the dream of starting your own business a reality, even in a pandemic?

Starting a business is a lot of hard work. Starting one during a pandemic, almost impossible. These individuals, however, managed to do just that by opening their dream businesses at a time in the world where thousands are closing their doors. Patrick Saint. Louis, Zoryn Theodore, and Michelle AbdurRashid, with the help of Dr. Neva from Nevalliance, started their journey to becoming successful business owners.

Dr. Neva is the founder and CEO of Nevalliance, an international management, training, and consulting company. Dr. Neva is also an author, advisor, trainer, and professional speaker on leadership, higher education, entrepreneurship, diversity, and culture. It was not hard for her to realize that there were still individuals with the desire to make their dreams of starting a business a reality, all while the COVID19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy. So by making some changes to her own business, she created a service package that encompassed a start-up kit designed to help individuals hit the ground running.

Patrick Saint Louis has been in law enforcement for over 20 years in Brooklyn, NY, 15 of which as a detective where he acquired numerous accolades in a wide variety of law enforcement certifications and training. Patrick decided that he wanted to use his years of experience to create a legacy for himself, and here his journey begins on the road to becoming an entrepreneur.

Zoryn Lazarus-Theodore has dedicated her life to helping people. With her master’s in social work and 20 years of experience, she focused all her time and efforts on the children, teens, couples, and families that needed help navigating the rough rapids of life. In this line of work, it is essential to build your brand should you have dreams of leaving an impactful mark on this world.

Michelle AbdurRashid believes very strongly in education. When she had a vision for a non-profit that focuses on providing children with a safe space to develop their skills and become their best selves, she would need some help in doing so.

With Dr. Neva’s expertise, Patrick Saint Louis was able to launch Pat’s Consulting LLC, his law enforcement/security training consulting business, where he can now share the skills that he’s learned in the last two decades to help make this world a little bit safer. Zoryn Theodore is now the owner of Zen Life Therapy LLC, her very own brand, to which her incredible work in mental health can be fully recognized. Michelle AbdurRashid launched her non-profit The Tree House Learning Academy, where she now sees what was once a dream of helping children turn into reality. All business owners were provided with registration services, branding, a business plan, organizational tools, and consultation to ensure they not just get started but remained afloat.

Dr. Neva understands that with a declining job market due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the best opportunity for work is the one that you create for yourself. This is why she and her team have dedicated thousands of hours and resources into their start-up kits to help individuals like Patrick, Zoryn, and Michelle not only provide for themselves and their families but go after their dreams of financial freedom while they do it.

Dr. Neva will be hosting a Zoom workshop on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, from 6 pm to 8 pm covering “Writing a Business Plan.” For further details, please contact us at

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