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How to Become an Insurance Agent in Florida?

Having a clear goal for the future is pertinent for one's success. Assuming you have decided to become an insurance agent in Florida. In that case, the Florida division of insurance agents has provided the following process regarding insurance preparation and subsequent practice in the profession.

Deciding on insurance specialty

The first step in practicing professionals involves being certified to do so. Similarly, to become an insurance agent in Florida, the applicant must choose the license type. To get your Florida 2-20 insurance license and a health insurance license are common types of insurance licenses.

Each license comes with its own regulators and policies. The Life and health insurance licenses relate to life insurance cases, Medicare, health insurance complications, and annuity payments. On the other hand, getting your Florida 2-20 insurance license refers to property and casualty insurance. However, insurance agents in Florida practicing insurance adjustments require a separate license to operate.

Study the course

The next step to becoming an insurance agent in Florida involves taking a course. Yes, that is right! You can take these courses online by enrolling at Nevalliance. We are an approved education provided by the State of Florida. Our insurance courses will give you the necessary skills to pass the exam. Additionally, you may take the course with a live instructor online or self-study.

Submit for license

Congratulations on completing the course, but the journey is not over yet. The third step in becoming an insurance agent is to submit an application for the license. The fee is $50 for an online application, with an additional $5 for printing and shipping ID charges. Assuming you took both courses, that means you can apply for both licenses.

The online application will require your living address, complete name, and contact information. Upon earning your license, you can now set appointments, meet with clients, and practice in the insurance profession. Furthermore, the online portal will be your new future home for anything insurance-related. You will need to be fingerprinted. We suggest that you visit the State's website for a list of approved fingerprint vendors.

Give the insurance exam.

After completing the registration and pre-course requirement, it is time to take the insurance exam. In addition, you will be given an exam to get your Florida insurance license, where a minimum of 70% marks are required to pass the test. The test takes place with strict supervision. The applicants are tested in a controlled environment with proctors observing. In addition, the applicant must have their ID or other identification credentials to enter the examination room. For more information to enroll in our insurance course, call 954-287-1222 or email

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