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More computers, Human or AI? Future of businesses

Any activity which satisfies a human need is known as a business. From the very beginning of human civilization, businesses have been a major part of human society. From simple product exchange to complex markets, many types of businesses can be seen in today's world. In some business sectors, lack of manpower and inefficiency are major problems. So, maybe it is time to consider automation systems for business activities. Computer programs and Artificial intelligence can be the future of businesses.

Why computers?

Humans have emotions. Of we sometimes tend to follow our instincts instead of protocols. This is where machines become different from humans. For some activities, human involvement can not be replaced. For example, AI can't do creative things. But, a human can.

When it comes to places where strict protocols apply human errors may do damage to the process. Even today, many investors use AI bots to make assumptions on market. Bots only consider facts. Also, bots consider statistics.

But, when it comes to a human, they consider emotions and instincts. Emotions can sometimes force humans to make wrong decisions. For example, when someone starts to loos some money on trade during a long run an uptrend still they will start to sell stocks. The fear of failure forces the investor to make the wrong decision. But, a machine will always stick to the protocol.

Can we replace all human handlers?

Still, technology is a growing baby. Still, we don't have powerful AI to replace human brains. Even if we make an advance AI, still it will not be able to have an EQ. So, we can't replace 100% of our human decision-makers with AI.

Modern flights have auto-pilot applications. An auto-pilot is capable of doing all the things from take-off to landing. But, still, all commercial flights have at least two pilots to handle. Sometimes they don't do anything during a flight. But, still, they are there.

The exact future of businesses, still a debate.

The reason behind this thing is "Machines are meant to fail". So, we can't relay or trust any machine to hold the responsibility of human lives. In an emergency sometimes the pilots have to invent methods. Inventions and creativity are not a thing any AI can even think of.

So, even if we use AI and computer applications to automate our businesses still we have to use few innovative and creative people to upkeep the organization.

Conclusion - What is the future of businesses?

Machines can fail at any time. They can't do innovative things. Businesses need innovation and creativity to grow. So, it is essential to have human workers. But, some processes can be automated with the help of AI.

AI is a powerful tool for the future world. It can process data without error. Also, the processes are very fast and instant. So, using AI in business decision-making is the future.

A single line of error in a machine can build a huge conflict. So, machines should always be monitored by a human. In the future machines will take over many human jobs. But, still, they will not be able to do innovation and create jobs.

Meta - What is the future of businesses? Is it better to go with humans or do we have to switch to AI-powered tools? What is the key to success in the future world?

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