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Studying abroad with the help of Nevalliance.

For many young people living outside of the US and Canada, a higher education from one of its recognized institutions is highly valued and sought after. That same value is translated into tens of thousands of US dollars that, unfortunately, many can't afford. Usually, after glancing at the cost of tuition, many college applicants would have found themselves defeated when their local student loan options won't cover international studies and perhaps start looking at local options.

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to give up on those dreams of studying abroad.

Nevalliance understands the importance of education and equal opportunity for all, which is why they have partnered up with Juno to bring the most affordable student loan rates to international students. Juno uses group buying power to negotiate with lenders to get you the best interest rates available. Once secured, they offer these discounted rates to their members, and Nevalliance is now extending these services to international students. So not only do you now have a shot at studying abroad, but you'll be getting the cheapest rates as well. Win-win.

Their partnership with Juno covers both undergrad and postgraduate studies from major universities across North America. Being able to pay for schooling isn't all there is to it. Getting into your school of choice can be just as tricky as financing it. Luckily, Nevalliance also provides college admissions counseling services where they help you through the application process's rigorous journey. For more information, check out the college admissions page to learn how Nevalliance can help you.

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