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Things you should know when applying to university.

The application process can seem a little intimidating for international students aspiring to attend university in the United States. The key to getting in is to be organized and ask for guidance. All students go through the same application process. However, more is required from international students. Here are some steps for you with the application process.

Be Realistic

1. Realistically assess your ability to do well in the university or program conducted entirely in English that you want to apply.

If you are applying for graduate programs, it requires a substantial amount of reading, writing, and speaking. If you're not entirely comfortable comprehending English, you'll have problems completing a course of study.


2. Make sure you have enough money to pay for school and living expenses.

Not all programs give financial aid and grants to international students. Be sure you can cover all your costs (including plane tickets home for vacations).

3. Find out the transcript requirements.

You will need transcripts from your high school or university. If you are applying for graduate school, keep in mind that you will need to submit along with your actual transcript. A transcript evaluation allows admissions officers to assess your undergraduate coursework and equate it to U.S. standards.

4. Know the deadlines.

Be sure you know when all parts of your graduate school application are due, and send everything in as early as possible.

5. Prepare for the SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/MCAT/LSAT

The majority of programs in the United States require that you take a standardized examination. While you can take the test more than once, most schools prefer to see no more than two or three scores on your score report.

If you want to learn more about the admissions process or standardized examination, contact Nevalliance today.

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