Will COVID-19 affect the next Olympic Games?

While the outbreak affected every activity globally, including education, business, and transport, sports and athletic games saw the worst of it. The Japanese government postponed the Olympic Games scheduled to happen in 2020 due to the issues related to everyone's health safety. The government lost a significant amount of money because of rescheduling. The reason behind postponing the games was to save everyone from the Covid-19 outbreak, including athletes worldwide, spectators, and managing authorities.

The Olympic Games that were supposed to happen in July 2020 were postponed awaiting the outbreak to halt. While the current statistics do not suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic is nowhere near controlled, the authorities have decided not to delay the Olympic Games any further. A new date has been selected for the Olympics and Paralympics, and the authorities are very ambitious to work their way around it to avoid any further loss. The Olympics are scheduled to start on July 23, 2021, next year and will go on until August 8, while the Paralympics will begin on August 24 and end on September 5, 2021.

Safety measures for the Olympics

More than 11000 athletes from 206 countries were scheduled to participate in the games in the Olympics' original schedule. As the circumstances have changed, so have the strategies to ensure that every athlete will be safe and COVID-19-negative. All the athletes from different countries must meet some requirements before they can participate in the event. There will be strict regulations regarding the entry into Japan and the stadiums. However, Japan's government is allowing entry for players without a 14-day self-quarantine requirement but with the mandatory tests being performed at the airport or entry points and the results being negative. The tests will also be performed at the respective stadiums and will adopt proper safety measures.

The health center at the Olympic Village

Since the event's postponement this year, there have been varying news about whether Tokyo will open for the Olympics next year. Finally, good news has come for Olympic lovers worldwide, and Tokyo will be opened for the games but only under strict safety conditions. The Olympic village that hosts all the athletes and coaches from around the globe will be equipped with the necessary tools to provide the best healthcare to the teams. Many cost-cutting solutions are being adapted for the controlled environment, and that money will be spent on the athletes', coaches', and spectators' safety and welfare.

Considering this and the regular clinic, a separate health center will be in place in the village specifically for matters related to corona. The exact functionality specifications for the COVID-19 health center have not yet been confirmed and will be carried later.

Spectator rules for the Olympics

There have been many talks between the authorities regarding the local as well as foreign spectators. According to the latest news, spectators will enjoy the event from all around the world. They will be able to use the health center set up in the Olympic village, and before that, testing will be carried out to confirm they are COVID-19-free. The number of spectators will decrease because of the pandemic—adequate safety measures for the spectators to be adapted to the stadiums and elsewhere.

Japan's government gave a green signal to the foreign spectators as it has uplifted the two weeks self-quarantine rule. Although the visitors will be asked to take multiple tests for the COVID-19, the results should favor the visitors to let them participate in the event. While in stadiums, they must wear masks and sanitize. In addition to that, the spectators will be asked to stay quiet or not be too loud or shout.

Finally, Japan government officials have agreed to make the event happen as planned with or without COVID-19. Although some complications about the vaccines are still in place, they will conclude before long.

Athletes participating in the Olympics will be given the highest priority, and their safety will be the crucial factor during this. While talking about athletes, if you have the talent to become an athlete and desire to be a sportsman in the USA, Nevalliance, a licensed sports agency, can help you get into different clubs, universities, and professional leagues to let you follow your passion. Who knows, if you succeed and perform exceptionally well, you will perform in world-class games like the Olympics.

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