Coaching / Consulting

At Nevalliance we understand that a new business can seem intimidating and that growing your already established business comes with many challenges. So that’s where we come in. We can either work with you by providing one-on-one coaching through the process or by providing consultation. 

We’re here to walk with you along your journey to navigate these bumpy roads to ensure you get where you need to be. And for businesses that feel stuck, we’re here to pull you out of the mud and back on track to organizational growth. Our coaching service is customized based on your business need. Contact us for an initial free consultation.

Coaching with Dr. Neva 


Working with an experienced business coach is your most important instrument to achieve results. Some of the most successful companies and entrepreneurs rely on business coaching services to develop and grow their businesses. Partnering with Dr. Neva Alexander, you will get one-on-one coaching every two weeks. You will create clear goals during these meetings and map action strategies to attain them.



Athletes, businesses, and musicians have a coach. A coach is there to help you achieve your goals and push you to create results. With your business coach, you will discover and break through any barriers that business back.


In the capacity of consulting, we do the work to develop, strategize, and assist you to grow your business. We provide various services such as business plan writing, strategic plan writing, market analysis research, and international business assistance. Contact us for an initial meeting. 

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