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Global Business

Global Business hosted by Dr. Neva is a platform for entrepreneurs worldwide to showcase their business growth (from marketing, finance, technology, production capacity, etc.)

Global Business allows everyone to learn from various entrepreneurs on the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship based on their business line. 

Get some tips about how you can start your campaign on how you can go international and grow your company. 


Webinar Series

Every industry has experts in their fields. This webinar series seeks to bring on different specialists in different sectors to address many important questions we all get every day in every area. 

While it may initially feel limiting to confine yourself to a particular specialty, remember, you’re an independent professional now. That means you are flexible and can evolve into the role in which you feel most comfortable.

Are you looking into knowing more about an area of expertise that will assist you in building your career or creating your path? Please send us an email to host a webinar info@nevalliance.com


Business Start-Up

Uncertainty at most places of work has grown so much with the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is thinking of ways they can cushion themselves as far as it continues, and even after it is all over, this is because one thing people have learned with the ongoing pandemic is that we always have to be ready. 

This series will involve teaching you how to start a particular type of business, mainly ones that the host, Dr. Neva, has had a hand in one way or the other. It will give you great ideas on where you can invest and plan for your future. It will also include tips on how to start some of the significant money making businesses.

Are you someone who might have an idea of what business you want to venture into but don’t know how to go about it or where to start? Watch out for this series as it will give you great insight into how you can begin.

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