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An annual flagship event celebrating and empowering women across various fields, featuring influential speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.


Join us for networking, knowledge-sharing,

and inspiration.

Save the Date Saturday, March 9, 2024 from 10AM to 4PM at Hofstra University Student Center.

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Nevalliance started the International Women’s conference in 2017 to empower women. Women constitute more than 50 percent of the world’s population and have contributed substantially to socio-economic development. Unfortunately, their contribution largely remains unrecognized in parts of the world. Empowering women has become a critical element in the development of an economy. With women moving forward, the family, the village, and the nation move. Hence, improving the status of women by way of their economic empowerment is highly called for.


Starting a business and bringing creativity to life with self-esteem and happiness are directly linked. Economic growth is highly vital for any country, which can substantiate by ensuring the participation of women. Being the focal point of economic development, entrepreneurship can play an instrumental role in building the world.

 Our International Women’s Conference is a celebration of the achievements of women. This annual conference aim is to inspire women while celebrating our social, economic, cultural, and political achievements.

Image by The Climate Reality Project


Conference Break Time

The main objective of the International Women’s Conference is to ‘Enhance awareness and create a more informed understanding of the opportunities, issues, and approaches of Women Empowerment with resultant attention and resources directed towards supporting women.

The underlying objectives of this conference will be as follows:

  • Promote entrepreneurship among women.

  • Provide new opportunities to bridge the gaps and increase opportunities for linkages.

  • Bring awareness to culture and differences

  • Highlight leadership amongst women


  • Women 

  • Policy Makers

  • MSME promotional agencies/organizations, 

  • BDS (business development service) providers

  • Representatives from NGOs and trade & industry associations

  • UN agencies 

  • Multi-lateral and bi-lateral Organizations

  • Media persons

International Women's Conference Speakers

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander is a dynamic and influential figure in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. As the CEO of Nevalliance, a distinguished professional development company, Dr. Neva has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.


Her passion for education and innovation led her to establish the National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA), a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to preparing students for college and careers.

Laura Palker.jpg

Laura L. Palker

The Live Events industry, which includes Trade Shows, is an expansive one that creates millions of jobs, generates billions of dollars in spending, and adds more than a trillion dollars in gross production to the United States economy. In boom times and in vastly challenging times alike, businesses reach for an industry leader to help promote their brand on the trade show floor – whether in person or digitally.

For businesses of every size and scale, Laura Palker is called upon for her expertise, her warmth, and her candor.

Laura is the Founder and CEO of Trade Show Solutions Center, a leading provider of exhibit planning, design, production, and marketing services for the past

 twenty years. A respected and highly sought after firm, Trade Show Solutions Center provides planning and execution for businesses of all sizes. Laura's skill in sales, marketing, and branding, coupled with her insight into her clients and their needs, has led to the company's success.

Suzette Bather-Taylor

Suzette Bather-Taylor’s broad experience in finance, construction management and supplier diversity has made her a change agent in the space of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

As Program Director, Aviation Department at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Suzette oversees tenant, contractor, and developer efforts to meet or exceed diversity goals across the entire Aviation Department enterprise.

 She has been instrumental in developing policies and provisions that hold Aviation’s tenants, contractors and terminal developers  accountable by ensuring  that they comprehend, commit to and comply with 30% goal for including Minority and Women-Owned Businesses, 3% goal for including Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses , as well as including Small Business Enterprises, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, and Local Business Enterprises, on all airport projects.

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Renee Sacks 2019 cropped.png


Renee Sacks creates ‘opportunities from possibilities’ and has done so for over three decades in business, government and on behalf of small businesses, especially, women and minorities.


Dr. Sacks is president and founder of Sacks Communications, a New York State and federally certified WBE. The firm provides corporate communications  and integrated marketing services in construction, infrastructure, transportation, and real estate to government agencies, private clients, professional and trade associations and non-profits.  Dr. Sacks also serves as Executive Director of the Women Builders Council, Inc., a leading advocacy organization. She is regarded as an expert authority on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion and is developing new programs in this area for many of her clients. Dr. Sacks has won numerous awards for corporate responsibility and in 2023 was named a Woman of Influence for WBC’s work by Crain’s New York Business.

Karmisha Superville

Ebk Events is a full-service event planning and consulting firm bringing you top of the line event management and expert client representation. Our firm is known for mission-focus, innovation and creativity. We embrace technology and provide our clients with professional, exceptional results. We are experts in the metro New York City market, and balance professionalism and a high level of attention to detail and overall client care.


Karmisha Superville is the senior event planner and business consultant at EBK EVENTS, a certified M/WBE (minority women-owned business) event planning and consultation firm located in Brooklyn, New York. With over 7 years of business acumen within the state of New York. Karmisha and her team have planned some of the most successful events for nonprofits, small businesses and city agencies such as the Annual Women’s Conference, Catalyst Youth Summit a partnership with the Department of Youth alongside the Office of the Mayor.

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Faatiha Aayat 

Faatiha Aayat is a Twelve-years-old seventh grader Child Rights Activist and Climate Campaigner. She has already spoken in the United Nations, Ford Foundation, Concordia Summit, Harvard University, Georgia Tech etc.


She regularly raises her voice against Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Emission, Fossil Fuel etc. She talks to stop child abuse, gender discrimination and domestic violence.


She has pursued a Professional Development Program on Becoming a Leader from the Department of Continuing Education of University of Harvard. She has completed the "Gender Equality and Human Rights in Climate Action and Renewable Energy" course provided by United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Felicia Smith

Felicia Smith is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Podcast speaker, YouTube voice, Prepare Enrich Facilitator for couples, and Texas Licensed Professional Counselor.


Felicia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling as well as Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University.


Felicia has years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families – helping clients overcome mental health challenges ranging from PTSD to depression and relationship issues at Relate-2-Clinic.

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Cindy Brown(1).jpg

Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. She migrated to the United Stated in 1998 to acquire her Bachelor of Arts degree at Medgar Evers College. 


In 2001 she was crowned Miss Medgar Evers College for her famous monologue performance of Sojourner Truth “Aint I A Woman?” One of her many accolades at Medgar Evers College was a feature in Ebony Magazine representing entitled “The College Queen.”

Ms. Brown’s performances have since provided many opportunities. Some of the places Ms. Brown has performed recently  in the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Concord Baptist Church and back at her alma mater, Medgar  Evers  College, just to name a few.


An internationally renowned singer and speaker, Shivali shares her take on the Eastern philosophy of consciousness through her music, inspiring people to feel more connected with themselves.


Her global performances have been witnessed by over 1 million individuals across more than 500 live events, including performing at the House of Lords, hosting the New York Indian Film Festival and speaking at Harvard Business School. Shivali is also an Investment Banker covering U.S. Private Equity firms at Raymond James Investment Bank.

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Lauren Moy

Lauren Moy is currently the Associate Director- Graduate Business Career Relations at Hofstra University, Zarb School of Business, and a Certified Career Coach with over 20 years of Human Resources Management and coaching experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. At Hofstra, Lauren provides career coaching to MBA/MS students, across all business disciplines. 


She also builds and cultivates strong relationships with alumni and employers, manages employer and alumni networking events, connects students to alumni and employers, and creates and presents career workshops and webinars.

Patrice Francois

Mss Francois, MHRM,MBA, is a dynamic entertainer, speaker,producer, writer, author and game changing trendsetter that aims to inspire. She migrated from Trinidad and Tobago in her late teens to establish a new legacy for her life. She's the host of The Mss Francois Show-a talk show that encompasses candid conversations with a variety of entertainment, and uses humor to help others with their dysfunctional relationships.

The show was created out of the frustration and heartache over her failed romantic relationships. Many tune in to be engaged, empowered and entertained, as it provides a well needed distraction from the array of emotions that are experienced in different stages of a relationship.

Patrice Francois.jpg

Dr. Corrinne Graham

Dr. Corrinne Graham is a multifaceted business leader who combines sustainability, diversity and entrepreneurship. President of GRAHAM International Consulting and Research Inc., a NYS Certified MWBE that offers management consulting services to small and start-up businesses. She is also the founder of Designs by Dr. G, a sustainable lifestyle brand that gives back 10 percent of its sales to charities. Dr. Graham has a PhD in Healthcare Administration and has published on topics such as profitability and cultural diversity and sustainability.


She is a TEDx speaker, mentor, trainer, researcher and author who helps businesses improve their performance and impact. She is passionate about space exploration and energy, sustainable and conservation development for humans and our rights in these developments.

Sharon Leid

Sharon Leid is a seasoned publicity strategist with over 20 years of public/media/community relations expertise. Holding prestigious positions such as Executive Director for the Community Relations Bureau in the Kings County DA Office and Executive Director Of External, Community, Media and Government Relations for the One Brooklyn Health System, Sharon's expertise is unmatched.


In 2015, Sharon founded NetStruc PR LLC with a passionate dedication to assisting small businesses in uncovering their newsworthiness and unique storytelling. She believes in creating tailored PR Campaigns for each client, ensuring that their brand and needs are met. Her efforts have featured clients on renowned platforms such as ABC NY, Fox 5 NY, CNN, New York Times, Bloomberg News, and Essence and more.

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International Women's Conference 2023

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