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The International Women's Conference (IWC) Forum is an engaging online platform designed to foster discussions on a wide range of topics crucial to women's lives, including health, wealth, family, and relationships. By joining the IWC Forum, members are given a unique opportunity to connect with a global community of women, share experiences, gain insights, and support each other in their personal and professional growth.


The forum operates on a quarterly basis, ensuring that discussions are timely, relevant, and responsive to the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by women worldwide. Membership to the IWC Forum is priced at $99 annually, a fee that not only grants access to these enriching discussions but also comes with a special discount on the annual International Women's Conference. This conference is a highlight event that further expands on the themes discussed in the forum, featuring speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to empower women in every aspect of their lives.


By joining the IWC Forum, members become part of a supportive and dynamic community dedicated to making a positive impact on women's lives globally.


Whether you're seeking advice, looking to share your own experiences, or aiming to build connections with like-minded individuals, the IWC Forum offers a welcoming and enriching environment for all its members.

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