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Professional Development Membership

Annual Membership Fee: $99

Membership Benefits:

1-Discounted Access to Premium Events

15% Off All Nevalliance Paid Events: This includes discounts on:

  -Business Bootcamps: Interactive sessions focused on essential business skills.

  -Certification Programs: courses designed to develop entrepreneurs.


 -Annual International Women's Conference (IWC): A premier event celebrating and empowering women entrepreneurs with speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.

  -Networking Mixers: Events that provide opportunities to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs.

 -Annual International Mastermind Retreat: This exclusive getaway is focused on professional growth in a relaxed and inspiring environment.


2. Exclusive Access to IWC Quarterly Forums

 -Quarterly Forums: Members gain exclusive access to quarterly forums under the International Women's Conference banner, focusing on themes pertinent to women. These forums are great opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing experiences.

3. Members-Only Content

 - Resource Library: Access to a digital library of resources 

4. Your Business will be listed on our Website Directory.

Why Join?


Value for Money**: At only $99 per year, the membership package offers significant savings and exclusive access to premium events and content.

Focus on Professional Development: All benefits are designed to enhance members' professional capabilities and networks.

Community and Networking: Be part of a vibrant community of professionals and entrepreneurs focused on growth and development.

Professional Development Membership Package

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  • Professional Development Membership Plan

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